ITYSailing Cruises

 Tailor made Sailing Cruises


  We have been creating tailor made holidays for the past 20 years for many of our clients.The knowledge of our team can offer you personal     advise and experiense only locals know.With the help of our team you can personalize your sailing holiday or choose one of our pre designed   sailing itineraries.With the help of our experts you can arrange as many activities as you like within your sailing holiday,such as excursions in   mainland,sight seeing by renting your own car or pick an organized one,museums,archaeological sites with guide all within your sailing   holiday.

 Enjoy your bachelor or batchelorette party,plan your marriage while on holidays,renew your vows.All can be arranged with the help of our   experts.From Crete to Corfu we can help you plan your sailing itinerary for you,your friends and your family.