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Cabin Charter


 By renting a cabin on a yacht you get  the choice of an   incredible sailing holiday. It’s a great   way to explore new destinations and experience  sailing experiense. You don’t need sailing experience.   Instead of the expense of a full yacht charter booking, all you   pay is your cabin. You'll have your own cabin, but share the adventure with your group of family,friends or the new friends you will make in the crew. Its the ideal luxury   getaway .You have the chance to meet new people in sharing a charter and   enjoy new wonderful places. 


Custom Made Cruises 


 Organize your tailor-made  vacation with us. Send   us your request and we will help you organize your   private  trip to Greece, the Greek islands and all   archaeological sites  in the islands and in mainland   exactly the way you want it.From sight seeing tours   in the islands and mainland  to car rentals to ferry   tickets ,excursions cultural holidays, diving holidays,   fishing holidays etc.You can also organize your   bachelor/bachelorette , your marriage or renew your   vows. From Corfu to Crete we can   arrange your   holiday route in order to emjoy the   most of it .


 Daily Cruises


 Enjoy a  day cruise with one of our yachts.Pick one   of our specially selected yacht cruises and we will   make sure you will have an unforgettable   experience.